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Our see to succeed program is intended to deliver free vision screening to all students in tertiary education. This fills a critical void in our city schools. Studies show that a quarter of all Nigerian students have vision problems significant to hinder their learning and school performance. As parts of this year’s see to succeed program, your school has been chosen.

The world health organization estimates that eye sight of one-fourth of the world’s population can be improved through the use of corrective lenses. That translates to 1.1 billion people who easily could have improved vision.

As part of our corporate social responsibility we will conduct an on-site free vision screening with a 30% discount on all frames.


To identify students with possible visual impairment

Visual problems can and do affect the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of students. Even mild vision impairments may be educationally and medically significant.

80% of what we learn, knowledge that we gather and occurrences that we experience is through our vision sense. Every regular student in primary, secondary or tertiary institutions makes use of the sense of sight at least 70% every day. The only organ in the body which is the basic, primary and fundamental tool for sight is, of course, the eyes. And thus, the importance of healthy eyes cannot be over-emphasized. According to meaningful research, about 75% of the world if not more would have developed visual problems by the year 2020. An astonishing 50% of these 75% is made of teenagers and young adults. Most of these visual problems were found to be either preventable or curable if detected early.

The facts and figures stated above have made it so obvious that the most vulnerable people as regards visual problems happen to be the school-age people i.e. teenagers and young adults. In the light of these fats, I and my team have selected your institution as a suitable avenue to unleash the incredible program of crisp vision care. This program will include comprehensive eye examination for interested people which encompasses students and staff, eye care services for people diagnosed with vision problems, lectures to sensitize the students and teachers on common vision problems and proper eye health care.

At the end of the outreach program, we hope to have achieved the following:

  • To see that all those interested get their eyes examined
  • To see that students and teachers with visual disorders and problems get eye care services
  • To sensitize and enlighten the students and teachers on various eye problems, how to prevent those that can be prevented, good eye health habits etc.