Who We Are

Crispvision is a Nigerian organisation that is passionately committed to ending preventable blindness. We aim to provide quality, affordable and accessible eye care solutions to people in underserved communities.
Crispvision was founded by Dr. Ucheoma Udoha in 2014. 
We provide several services
  • A mobile eye clinic that travels to underserved communities
  • Two permanent eye clinics in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
  • Eye testing kits that can be purchased by anyone to test their vision
  • Training of community health workers
Sometimes you may not realise your vision is deteriorating. Crispvision Eye test kits will help you to check your eyes regularly.
80% of visual impairment and blindness is preventable. But to prevent and treat eye diseases, it is important to catch them early. An easy way to test your vision is with Crispvision’s eye test kit.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be consistently the best possible eye care facility for all our patients every time. Perhaps,providing excellent experience,Crisp and comfortable vision for Nigerians and beyond.

Our Mission

Crispvision’s mission is an organization that is passionately committed to reducing preventable blindness by providing quality, affordable and accessible eye care solutions to underserved communities and the world at large.

Patient Stories

Nathan from Ikot Ubia Patient

"I heard an announcement through the radio that a free eye check is been conducted at crispvision eye clinic, so i came and on my arrival i saw it was true. The receptionist and the doctor treated me nicely and my eyes was examined and drugs were prescribed for me. I am very happy and i will definitely refer people to this clinic. Thank you"

Miss Edikan Patient

"Crispvision is a very nice place to be, they give good services to their patients, and they are jovial people. I can now see better than before with my glass and my advice to other children out there is that they need to come to crispvision eye clinic to get their eyes checked"

Mr Williams Patient

"I heard about Crispvision’s free eye check through a friend, so i came because I’m having difficulties while reading. I was examined, and after examination, I was given a free reading glass which I tried out and could read without stress anymore."

Ete Obeka Patient

"After meeting with Dr Ucheoma Euna Udoha I was positive that this was the office where I would feel most comfortable to have my procedure done. Now I can see as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. No more dry eyes and having to take my contacts out. Thank you to everyone from the secretarial staff all the way through to the doctors. I wish I would have had this procedure sooner rather than later in life."