Test your vision with Crispvision’s Eye Test Kits

CrispVision is a Nigerian organisation that is passionately committed to ending preventable blindness. They aim to provide quality, affordable and accessible eye care solutions to people in underserved communities.
CrispVision was founded by Dr. Ucheoma Udoha in 2014. 
They provide several services:
  • A mobile eye clinic that travels to underserved communities
  • Two permanent eye clinics in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
  • Eye testing kits that can be purchased by anyone to test their vision
  • Training of community health workers
Sometimes you may not realise your vision is deteriorating. Crispvision Eye test kits will help you to check your eyes regularly.
80% of visual impairment and blindness is preventable. But to prevent and treat eye diseases, it is important to catch them early. An easy way to test your vision is with CrispVision’s eye test kit.


The eye test kits contain charts to test your vision, including a measuring rope, and simple instructions so anyone can use it. It takes just a few minutes to check a person’s vision, and the kit is completely reusable.
The kits also contain reading glasses to correct far sightedness (hypermetropia – you can read more about that in our article on refractive errors here). Far sightedness is the most common cause of vision impairment, especially in older people.
CrispVision’s idea is that one kit can be used to test the vision of an entire community. They have used their kits to test the vision of more than 80 communities in Nigeria.
If they secure funding, CrispVision plans to distribute the eye test kits for free. But currently they are selling the kits, for just $4.
The future is looking exciting for CrispVision. They are planning to expand to other countries within Africa, and are also developing a new Combo Eye Test Kit, which will be used by community health workers.
But for now, if you live in Nigeria, you can buy a CrispVision eye kit to test your vision!
You can buy the kits directly from either of the CrispVision Eye clinics:
  • CrispVision Eye Clinic, 23B Uqua Road. Eket- 08080112443
  • CrispVision Eye Clinic, 308 Oron Road. Oron- 09065177649.
Or they can send the kits to any location within Nigeria